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5 Questions to Ask When Hiring an Agency for Cheap Advertising in St George

Advertising and marketing are the dual pillars of business growth and success. Without investing in these two aspects you cannot entice your target audience to avail your products and services. Now, multiple agencies are offering cheap advertising in St George, which makes choosing the right professionals significantly daunting. But here’s how you can simplify the selection process and end up hiring a reliable service provider; by asking the right questions. 

1. What is your specialization?

Some agencies specialize in online marketing and advertising techniques, while others are adept in the traditional ways, such as flyer marketing, door hanger distribution, etc. What kind of marketing services are you looking for? Accordingly, you will have to enquire about the specialization of the agency you are hiring so that they can deliver the best results. 

2. What kind of projects have you handled?

It is important to know the prior experience of the agency. What kind of projects have they handled? What industries have they catered to? Have they worked with only local businesses? Answers to these queries will help get an idea regarding the kind of expertise they have in handling diverse advertising campaigns. 

3. Do you have a portfolio or case studies?

Don’t rely on the word of mouth. You must ask for a portfolio or case study of the previous ad campaigns that they have handled and to what impact. It further proves the competence and credibility of the agency. 

4. Are you experienced in my industry?

Hiring a company that is well-acquainted with your industry can benefit you with the fast execution of the campaign because they are experienced in similar projects. However, should not be a determining factor, as often an agency can surprise you with its ability in handling novel campaigns. 

5. What kind of transparency can I expect from you?

Transparency is very important. For instance, if you are hiring someone to distribute political door hangers, ensure that they have a GPS-tracking protocol for you to trace the reach of your marketing materials. It helps in assessing the projected impact of the campaign. 


You should get a fair idea about the quality of the service by making these queries to the respective agencies offering cheap advertising in St George. On an ending note, Direct Door Marketing can suffice all your marketing and advertising needs at affordable rates. Reach out to our experts to get a quote today