Door Hangers

Door Hangers vs. Flyers

Door Hangers vs. Flyers

When it comes to launching a marketing campaign, your number one priority should be deciding on the kind of

Door Hangers vs. Flyers
Door Hangers vs. Flyers

printed materials you need in order to accomplish your goal.  If you’re a serious entrepreneur, you more than likely want to generate as many potential clients or contacts as possible.

Door hangers and flyers are excellent marketing pieces to use.  However, there are few differences.   Why should you choose a door hanger rather than a traditional flyer?  Here are a few reasons why you should choose door hangers over flyers any day:

A door hanger will make a stronger impact on the person who receives it. Mainly because door hangers are normally printed on sturdier paper stock.  Flyers, on the other hand, tend to be printed on lightweight paper than can be easily ripped.

Unlike door hangers, paper flyers can easily get torn and crumpled. Flyers can get wet during inclement weather conditions.  If it is a windy day, a paper flyer will more than likely get blown away and end up in a gutter somewhere. You will never have this sort of problem with a door hanger advertisement.

Often times, people who place paper flyers door to door, they fold them and stick them in mail boxes. Some people even go as far as tucking them between the door and the frame of the door.

  • Door hangers are more attention-grabbing than paper flyers.
  • While, paper flyers tend to end up in the trash can.
  • Door hangers instantly captures the attention of people because of the size and shape.
  • People are more likely to read a door hanger than a paper flyer.
  • Door hangers look more attractive and modern than flyers.

Door hangers are a lot more effective in generating more business than flyers. You can go on and on with the benefits of using door hangers over paper flyers.  For example, with door hangers, you simply hand deliver them to each home or place of business.

With paper flyers, you normally have to compile enormous mailing list to send out to people.  With door hangers, there’s no postage stamps to worry about. You simply find the general area that of residents or businesses you want to attract and place a door hanger on your door and you’re all set.

What to place on your door hanger?

Along with an attractive graphic design from a professional, you will also want to include a catchy phrase, and your contact information. (SEE VIDEO BELOW)