Door Hangers

Flyers Marketing Campaigns.

Flyers Marketing Campaigns.

A Direct-to-Door Marketing campaign can be designed for your business to give you a continued flow of new

 Flyers Marketing Campaigns.
Flyers Marketing Campaigns.

customers over a period of ten weeks or more.

Below we will outline how we can drive new customers to your business by setting up and designing a direct marketing campaign specifically for your type of business. Our marketing campaigns have proven to be so effective that some of our customers use Direct-to-Door Marketing as their only form of advertising.

The idea is to target the product to the lead and design your message accordingly. This plan will also help sharpen the design and layout of your door hanger so your message is being heard.

The plan will be implemented in three (3) phases:

  1. Preparation
  2. Campaign Strategy
  3. Distribution

Phase One – Preparation:

(This phase can be skipped if you already have your advertisement materials printed)

If you want us to help design your advertisement materials we’ll need the following items to begin: Logo & artwork; anything else you can think of that will help us to completely understand your company its product and its direction. Include anything unique about your company or product that makes you different or sets you apart. We will review your items together and design a door hanger to get maximum results. Please email all artwork and information to our design team at design (at) doorhangerswork.com . Of course you get the final word your design.

Phase Two – Campaign Strategy:

Your Direct-to-Door Marketing campaign starts with a minimum of 50 thousand door hangers but could start with as much as a 10 million door hanger campaign.
We will make recommendations to you based on your budget and your overall strategy and goal. Once this has been determined we will send you a proposal outlining the campaign. After you approve the campaign we will schedule a start date.

Most campaigns are designed to last between 10 – 15 weeks while distributing between 5,000 to 50,000 door hangers per week over that period.

Example: 100,000 door hangers over 10 weeks would be 10,000 door hangers a week. The door hangers would be distributed in the areas designated.

Phase Three – Distribution:

We start by distributing a predetermined amount of door hangers the first week to allow for a controlled response by your company. This will allow us to receive and analyze the feedback and make any necessary adjustments to determine how many door hangers should be distributed each week. Once we have the distribution numbers fine-tuned and optimized, we’ll pick up the pace to any amount you think is necessary.