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Political Campaign Advertising for 2022

Flyers and door hangers have been used by political candidates to reach and influence voters since we have held elections. We print and distribute millions of political flyers every election cycle and in 2022 it has already begun.


We take pride in our hands-on approach and strategy by going directly to your constituent’s front door with your message. If you are a candidate running for office, or a nonprofit looking to increase awareness on a specific issue, we will tailor a plan to fit your budget and timeline.

Politics Has Changed

Political advertising has changed drastically over the last several decades, but one thing has stayed the same. Flyers and door hangers are not only the most cost effective way to reach your targeted audience, but it has also proven to be one of the most effective ways to keep your name in the minds of your constituents as well.

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Front Door Advertising

Your constituents ONLY HAVE ONE FRONT DOOR! When we put your flyer or door hanger on it, they will see your name, face and your message. We can handle any size distribution. We can cover a zip code, City, County and even an entire State. Regardless of the size, we are prepared to handle it all. We also have a world class printing facility and we can handle all your printing needs.

Direct to Door Marketing

Direct to Door is not only the largest door-to-door distributor in California; we are the largest distributor in Country! If you need national coverage, please call our office so we can work on a strategy and a budget to fit your needs. All of our office personnel are experts and can help you every step of the way.

Valuable Voting Blocks

There is also a segment of the population that is usually forgotten about and rarely even spoken of. Believe it or not, some people are not on Facebook, some people do not use social media and some people are not tied to their phones or television (24/7 News Channels). These people are still a valuable voting block and getting your message in front of them is vital in close elections.

Name Recognition

Name recognition is considered a very important factor in elections. Candidates with low name recognition are unlikely to receive votes from people who only casually follow politics. Incumbents are usually at an advantage when it comes to name recognition. Door hangers and flyers have proven to be the most effective way to get in touch with these voters and to get your name out there.

Call or email us today and find out how we can help you like we have helped thousands of other candidates running for office! We will get you results!

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