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What can make Pomona flyer distribution successful?

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We get calls from business owners and entrepreneurs in Pomona all the time. Flyers and door hangers have a reputation of being cheaper than traditional marketing efforts and because they don’t have a big market budget. Most people have another reason. It works!  Many large companies with large marketing budgets call us too, they understand that they get more marketing power for their money and most of all it is really effective. We know Pomona very well, we have been distributing there since 1995. We know all the neighborhoods and the demographic of each area.  Our staff is here to help you succeed.

The following are some of the factors that you have to take into account during flyer distribution campaign that will make it to be a very effective marketing tool that can be used by any business;

–    Distribution method; it very important to consider the best distribution method that will give better results. There are two methods of distribution; the first one is door to door distribution; this is effective for those businesses within an area and relies mostly on residential houses as their sole consumers. This is the most popular method used during Pomona flyer distribution campaigns. The other method of distribution is hand to hand flyer distribution; this will enable to choose the exact region with the audience you are targeting. It will give you direct contact with your customer which will help you understand immediate customers’ reaction towards what you are advertising. It is the best method to start with when planning for Pomona flyer distribution campaign.

–    Appealing print design; you may sometimes wonder why many people are not interested in your flyers in that they take it, look at it for few second then throw it in the bin. The design must be eye catching, must have attractive headlines and above all you have to consider company individuality. The design must clearly give out brief but detailed information of all relevant services offered by your company, this will help to persuade your customers. A perfect flyer headline, should inform a person why they should be your customer. It should be followed by an explanation why they should buy your product, then explain why you are the perfect company for such a product, then try to convince them.

–     Giving Customers incentives; to avoid your flyer ending up in the next bin upon it issuance, it is very important to attach alongside your flyer a certain voucher, not necessarily an expensive one. This will encourage consumer to keep it and also will be more interested in buying the product. When doing this, you just need to offer a customer a generous amount but which is actually not costing you much.

–   We have all the permits to distribute your marketing materials legally.