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Political Door Hangers

Why Choose Door Hanger Distribution for Political Advertising in Chicago

In this age of online and social media marketing, why would a political campaign invest time and funds in traditional promotional strategies like door hanger distribution? It is understandable if you are having similar contemplations in your mind. These political campaigns are more focused on engaging with the voters through online platforms, television and radio broadcast, social media platforms, etc. Compared to these new-age strategies, traditional approaches like door hanger distribution for political advertising in Chicago might seem outdated. However, if you consider the promotional value, these tried and true techniques are still effective in creating a lasting impression in the voter’s mind. How? Let’s explore. 

Why You Should Consider Door Hanger Distribution for Political Advertising

There are multiple reasons why we recommend door hanger distribution for political advertising, such as:

GPS Tracked Political advertising in Chicago
GPS-based targeting for political advertising

Location-based Targeting

Political door hanger distribution is all about location-based targeting. The service provider targets a location within the constituency of the candidate and ensures that each house gets a door hanger with all the essential points of the campaign printed on it. It extends the reach of the candidate, enabling him/her to engage with each voter residing in that specific area. It is door-to-door marketing at its best.

Personalized Engagement

Even if a campaigner cannot interact with each voter individually, this is the closest they can come to in terms of personalized engagement. It’s like the candidate is directly conveying his/her message to the voter, which does leave a lasting impression in the mind. It also makes the voters feel more valued and connected to the candidate. Overall it leaves a positive impression in the minds of the voters.    

Track Your Reach

These days political door hangers are GPS-tracked, which means that the candidate and his/her team can track the reach of the promotional materials. If it is a certain location or community they are targeting, then GPS tracking provides exact metrics of the houses that have received the promotional materials. 


On an ending note, if there is a company that stands out in its services comprising door hanger distribution for political advertising in Chicago, it has to be Direct To Door Marketing. With an experience of 30 years, the leading advertising and distribution company is offering political door hanger distribution, along with other marketing services to political entities. Reach out to them for a reasonable quote to maximize voter reach in your upcoming political campaign.