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Advantages and Disadvantages of Flyers Marketing

Flyers Delivery
Flyers Delivery

Flyers marketing have been used by many individuals and companies for product promotion. Flyers also called leaflets; the information is printed on one side of the flyer. Promotions always involve the process of making consumers aware of a new product or service a company or individual is offering. Flyers are used for promotion; therefore the information contained in them is intended to bring some impact on consumer behavior towards the product or service being promoted. Flyers can be printed in many colors or can be printed in black and white; this varies from one company to another.
Just like any other tool of marketing, flyers have some advantages and disadvantages. The following are some of them;

Advantages and Disadvantages
–    Flyers are simple and easily read; since they are printed out to pass information, they are made simple, with large fonts and with few words; this is because they are supposed to persuade a consumer towards buying a good or service. They are also made simple so as to attract consumers’ attention and make them interested in the product or service being promoted.  During flyer designing, marketing personnel always take important details on the product; they try to be as brief as possible at the same time passing accurate information.

Flyers are Cheap
–    Flyers are cheap; this is another advantage of flyers marketing, they don’t require a lot of money to be printed. Some can be printed on both side and can be produced for as low as few coins per flyer. Computer can be used to design one flyer then many copies can be produced through photocopying machine. A company may consider having high quality flyers; therefore, they will use digital or offset printing which is not much expensive when producing many copies.

Easy to Produce

–    Easy to produce; there are some forms of marketing that will take months during their preparation and planning. But when it comes to flyers marketing, they can be prepared and launched within a day. It does not require professional designer for it to work.

Face to Face

–    There is feedback; when distributing flyers, there is a face to face interaction between the marketer and the consumer, this makes it easy for a company to know how consumers are reacting towards its product or service. This also helps a company to improve on their service delivery so as to meet consumers’ needs. Flyers marketing also will enable an individual to explain into detail benefits of his/her product or service and get immediate consumers reactions.
Flyers marketing are also disadvantageous to some extent and the following are some of its set backs;

Flyers Marketing

–    Flyers marketing lacks long term impact on customers just like any other marketing methods, a consumer can be convinced and buy a product after which he/she will not use or keep the flyer flyers are not like television advertisement where a product is regularly advertised making consumers to get used to the product. Flyers are discarded after they are read.

If you’re looking for a new way to market your business, Direct-to-Door Marketing is the answer. One of the best ways to get new customers is by offering them something they want or need. Direct-to-Door Marketing provides an easy and inexpensive way to hand out flyers with your offer on it right at their doorstep. This type of marketing has long term impact because people are more likely to use what’s handed directly from someone they know, like, or trust – which makes this technique super effective!

–    Flyers are easily dismissed by consumers due to their simple nature, many people don’t even read the information contained in the flyers or they will read it for few seconds then throw them away.

Target Audience

Flyer marketing is a great way to get your message out and create an ongoing relationship with your target audience. Studies show that flyers have the most impact during the first week they are distributed. This is because people will look at them for up to 5 minutes, absorbing more of your message than other forms of advertising. Let’s chat about how you can make flyer marketing work for you!

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